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Ramadan Tip # 1 – Lists! July 13, 2013

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Alhumdullilah, we’re well into day four of Ramadan. Most of us probably have made a schedule for ourselves and come into the month with so many things we want to accomplish — more ibadah (worship), duaa (prayers), and Qur’an. Yet many times we might find ourselves overwhelmed and by the end of day realize we didn’t accomplish what we set out to do.

My tip? Make lists.

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Have an overall list for your larger Ramadan goals and daily lists for short term goals that you want to accomplish in one day. A few years back someone made a Ramadan checklist that has some pretty nifty items you can check off: “Made one Muslim smile…Went to sleep without ill feelings in my heart for another Muslim” and of course the mandatory 5 prayers with the sunan, reading Qur’an with reflection of meaning, etc.


The Ramadan checklist helps you organize your Ramadan days and achieve a lot more tasks. Right now, we’re all in the Ramadan high. Our imaan is pumped and we’re on top of the world. Though as the days move closer into the middle of the month, the imaan level begins to dip. But if you use this checklist on a daily basis, it can help you remain consistent with good deeds that you can carry on into non-Ramadan months, insha’Allah.

So tell me some of your Ramadan tips for staying spiritually organized in Ramadan?


Ramadan List July 13, 2013

Posted by Msfatima in Ramadan.
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I’m starting a series of Ramadan tips for the month of Ramadan. These are just things I’ve picked up myself over the years – some do’s and some dont’s that I think should be shared with the rest of the interwebs :). Your input is also recommended. Have your own tip? Submit it in the comment sections of the Ramadan tip posts.