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Return to the Source January 25, 2009

Posted by Msfatima in Islam, Life, Qur'an.
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The Prophet ﷺ said, ‘rejoice, for verily this Qur’an – one part of it is in the hands of Allah and the other part is in your hands. Therefore, hold on to it, for you will never be destroyed nor go astray after it!’ (Musnad Ahmad).

Is there any other book that can give us a connection to Allah if we hold onto it? If we read it? Holding the Qur’an not only physically but within our hearts and living the commands. Taking the Qur’an with us wherever we go, so we are recognized as Ahlul-Qur’an (people of Qur’an).

Where do we receive the untainted and pure guidance from?

The answer lies in returning to the source, Al Qu’ran Al Kareem



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