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True Students of Quran October 31, 2008

Posted by Msfatima in Islam.
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This poem has been written by my very good friend Medihah.

True Students of Quran

The Prophet (saw) came with guidance for you and I,
So why is it we are allowing it to slip by?
Each day hearing Quran recited in the classroom,
Yet many faces are overshadowed with gloom.
There are many out there in the world,
To them the Quran is something unheard.

Harboring high hopes and dreams,
Yet we are ourselves struggling to grip the seams.
The knowledge won’t come out the books straight into our heart,
We must work hard to give it a quick start.
It is said what you love is easy to learn,
So what is it exactly for which our hearts yearn?

Gems and jewels to add to our decorated house,
A flashy car along with a millionaire spouse.
So where is it the Quran to fit in,
When there is no room for it from within?
This world is nothing but temporary wealth,
Yet over it we neglect our spiritual health.
Our souls whither and die of hunger,
Yet our physical bodies day by day grow stronger.

Each day we ask ourselves: Why won’t the Qur’an in my heart firmly stay?
But how can it when we are distracted in class each day.
Many giggling and chatting to one another,
While others pass notes from one to the other.
Vandalizing benches and others books,
Exchanging funny faces and amused looks.
A frequent flow of bathroom breaks,
Just a little self-control is all it takes.

The Quran has yet to touch our hearts,
Although we have studied 26 of its 30 parts.
Is it that our hearts are hard?
Or have they been temporarily barred?
The solution is to remember Quran is an emblem,
Each day we come and collect another gem.
Apply these to your daily lives and love what you learn,
In no time inshallah your hearts for the Quran will yearn.
Remember this divine book is Al Furqan,
So let us establish it in our hearts and become true students of Quran.



1. YHT - October 31, 2008

Assalamu Alaykum,

I think that it is very important to remember that as students of Qur’an Allah (Swt) will only open the hearts of those who truly desire it.

We should always do dua that we are one of the people who are given the complete understanding of deen and the ability to implement it inshallah.

A very nice poem that is a reminder for everyone in all levels of knowledge.



2. mankindmessage - November 1, 2008

JazakAllahu Khairun YHT:)
I do quite like this poem myself, it really makes one think.
& Ameen to your dua.

3. Zaid Khan - January 10, 2009

Gems and jewels to add to our decorated house,
A flashy car along with a millionaire spouse.

Very well said. Masha’Allah


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